Refusal to Subscribe to the Paris Accord Isolated Nicaragua

Ortega is in a select club with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and U.S. president Donald Trump.

Leonardo Padura Speaks on His Novels and Cuba

Cubans wait under a large question mark for the end of Raul Castro’s presidency in 2018: “There’s no will for an immediate political opening.”

Trump’s Rogue America

Europe can’t rely on a Trump-led US for its defense

In Defense of Public Debate in Nicaragua


Instead of trying to silence the independent media outlets, COSEP should turn its attention to corruption and authoritarianism

Nicaragua: COSEP Denounces “Smear Campaign”


They claim there are conspiracy plans and present cartoons by PX Molina and Manuel Guillen as proof

Impasse between Ortega and the OAS sends a “bad signal”


The government restricted the OAS mission to only meeting with “parties inscribed in the municipal elections.”

Sergio Ramirez: “Never be silent in the face of power”

Over 200 participants from the worlds of literature, film and journalism were present in Managua this week for the “Central America Speaks” event.

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