A Dangerous Game of Chicken

Neither Trump nor Kim seems to have sufficient political capital to spearhead a shift from military threats to diplomatic solutions

Surviving America’s Political Meltdown

Political Meltdown

There are two power centers in Washington, DC: the White House and the Capitol. Both are in disarray, but for different reasons.

Amnesty Int. Begins Global Campaign to Repeal the Nicaragua Canal Law

Bianca Jagger: Ortega imitates Somoza by “endangering the national sovereignty and selling off the natural resources.”

World Bank Confirms: a Third of Nicaraguans Live in Poverty


The poverty is multidimensional: 60% of the poor suffer from four or more hardships, while the official aid programs have little impact.

The US is now Nicaragua’s Principal Oil Supplier

Albanisa’s monopoly as the supplier of Venezuelan hydrocarbons has ended.

The Sandinista Shell Game


At that point, further political victories for Ortega and his wife will surely require God’s grace

Nicaragua: Canal Opponents Denounce Human Rights Violations


"In this country, we’ve been pleading for justice for four years, asking to be listened to, to please repeal the Law that is violating our rights"

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