US House Unanimously Approves the “Nica Act”


In April, Senator Ted Cruz already introduced the bill into the upper house, which now must be discussed in the plenary.

Nicaraguan Opposition Leaders Divided about Limited OAS Electoral Observation


“We’re not interested in having the OAS come here to count one more fraud,” a leader of the Broad Front for Democracy affirmed

Palm Oil Company Violates Environmental Norms in Nicaragua

Cultivos de palma africana en los llanos de Makantaka. Foto: Michelle Carrere.
  • Michelle Carrere
  •  21 de septiembre 2017

The company, presumably linked to the Albanisa Nica-Venezuelan state partnership, maintains just under 8,500 hectares of the African Palm

Vendors along Managua’s Roadways


There can’t be a rapid flow of traffic, free of blockages and back-ups in the city, unless there’s some regulation of the vendors along the highways.

Nicaraguan Gov. Issues “White Paper” on the Canal Project


Bayardo Arce about the Canal: “I don’t have any information about that.”

Nicaraguan Government Silent on Annulling Environmental Studies Prerequisite

matanza en Bosawás, decreto

“This is part of a new process to unify and facilitate the administrative procedures,” stated Jose Adan Aguerri, COSEP president.

Norma Helena Returns to the Stage with a Love Song for Nicaragua

The concert revisited the best-known songs of Nicaragua’s regions, in homage to the work and legacy of the great composers.

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