Nicaraguan Prisoners: From the Cell to the Stage

Cinthia Membreño

A group of prisoners have become actors to represent "Cain and dogs", a theather play that delves into the burden of guilt

The true geographers take the bus

Félix Delattre

Passengers have created the first public transportation map of Managua

Protest No. 60 against Nicaragua Canal Project

Hundreds of farmers have protested against the expropitation of land under Law 840 in El Tule

Poll Shows Declining Expectations on a Nicaraguan Canal

Survey reveals that 34% of Nicaraguans regard the canal as “pure propaganda,” while 25% believes that technical studies are required

The Global Economy’s Marshmallow Test

Jeffrey Sachs

Only long-term investments, both public and private, can lift the world economy out of its current instability and slow growth

Dubious Transport System for the Nicaraguan Caribbean

Corn Island residents contradict the Navy’s statement that the capsized boat had been ordered not to embark

The Grand Canal divides Nicaragua

One group of scientists views the Canal as a blessing, while others warn of an environmental catastrophe

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