Regime accuses Dora María Tellez and Ana Margarita Vijil of “conspiracy” in secret hearing

The Judiciary continues to hold secret hearings for opponents, without giving their defense attorneys the opportunity to speak with them

Ortega regime decides who enters or leaves Nicaragua

Former political prisoner was detained at Migration in El Guasaule, and they demanded 200 dollars from her. Military has a control list with surnames

Nicaragua and Afghanistan: global interests, collateral effects

Nicaragua y Afganistán

US defeat in Afghanistan comes as Ortega and Putin try to reestablish the Russian presence in Central America

Nicaragua’s political trials “are invalid”, judges could be accused of violating law

Lawyers Yader Morazan and Boanerges Fornos detail the irregularities of the recent secret hearings, Where are the kidnapped?

Jared Genser: “Ortega will have to release the political prisoners”

International lawyer: as his options narrow, he will have to decide between keeping them in jail, or staying in power

Eight Imprisoned Ortega Opponents Now Accused of “Conspiracy”

Nicaragua’s prosecutors presented accusations against former presidential candidates Felix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastian Chamorro and Arturo Cruz

Humor and political satire: the revenge of Nicaraguans

Chroniclers of the Nicaraguan tragedy use the power of social media to mock the absurdity of power. “Memes are alive, the struggle thrives.”

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