The Economist Sees Ortega Clinging to Power

Ivette Munguía

The Analysis Unit of The Economist warns of an increase in social unrest “before and after” the general elections in November

Attacks on the Press Now Routine in Latin America

Ivette Munguía

The attacks are generated by authoritarian governments, to impose “a single narrative”, with no room for criticism

What Threatens Press Freedom Today?

Transparency is the missing ingredient in large media platforms, with everyone in the dark about how algorithms sort people and prioritize messages

Nicaraguan Journalist Ileana Lacayo Dies of Covid-19

Lacayo passed away two days after being admitted to a Bluefields hospital. She’s the second journalist from this zone to die from Covid-19

Valeska Sandoval: “Several Police Beat Me Tied Up”

Last Saturday, April 24, Valeska was reported missing and the following Monday she appeared with signs of torture on her body

Released Ometepe, Nicaragua Prisoners Speak

Ana Lucía Cruz

The regime released the five political prisoners from the island of Ometepe: Celia Cruz, Enyel Lopez, Jean Carlos Mora, Yubrank Mora and Edwin Mora

Costa Rica on High Alert for COVID-19, What’s Happening?

Cindy Regidor

A year ago the country was admired for its containment of the virus, today the third wave of infections is at the top of the robust Costa Rican system

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