Ortega underestimates ‘new Covid outbreak’, and calls on citizens not to stay “locked up” at home

He lashed out against opposition leaders and priests, whom he called “terrorists in coats and ties”, “terrorists in cassocks” and “demons”

Oppenheimer: Why does the IMF withdraw funds from Afghanistan, but approve aid for Ortega?

While the dictator praises the Taliban, the IMF withdraws the financial aid from the Afghan regime that it did grant Ortega

30 daily Covid deaths registered at two hospitals in Managua and Esteli

At the German-Nicaraguan the average number of deaths rose to up to 22 per day. In Estelí, San Juan de Dios Hospital registers eight deaths per day

Manuel Orozco: Ortega’s political trials “criminalize democracy”

The political analyst, himself accused in absentia, speaks about his work to promote dialogue and democracy: “All the political prisoners are innocent

Journalists persecuted, no rights in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela

OAS Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression reports that there is no Rule of Law is these countries, nor are there any safeguards for journalists

Ortega’s prosecutors accuse two ex-diplomats of “conspiracy”

With Diaz and Aguirre, 35 opposition leaders under arrest who have been accused by the Interior Ministry in the last 11 days.

Closure of NGOs leaves thousands of women “defenseless”

Beneficiaries of NGO projects say the regime wants to impoverish the population more with the forced closure of 45 NGOs so far this year 

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