Rafael Rojas: Repression Won’t Erase Cuba’s Problems

The Cuban historian analyzes the impact of the social explosion and the Diaz-Canel government’s response

Nicaragua from Revolution to Tyranny

If Ortega does not allow free elections, the international community needs to impose rigorous sanctions on his government.

Europeans with Ties to Nicaragua Speak Out

Hundreds of European Solidarity activists from the 1980s issue a statement regarding the alarming and sad events taking place in Nicaragua

Interrogations and intimidation at the Peñas Blancas border post, in Nicaragua

Strict political control by immigration agents includes a list of people who are detained and interrogated when leaving and even entering the country

More Journalists Forced into Exile: “Resisting to Continue Reporting”

Journalists Julio Lopez, David Quintana and Sergio Marin tell Confidencial the reasons for their departure from Nicaragua.

IAPA: “The Ortega-Murillo Regime Seeks to Silence any Questioning of its Power”

Report on violations of press freedom includes 44 denunciations in June and warns that the government is trying to impose an “information blackout.”

Canada Sanctions Camila Ortega Murillo and 14 other Ortega Officials

The list includes deputies, ministers, magistrates, police chiefs, advisers and a daughter of the presidential couple

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