Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy and his three homes: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and music

Legendary singer-songwriter Luis Mejia Godoy speaks about two very different epochs he spent in Costa Rica

Ortega uses “Covid-19 pretext” to isolate political prisoners

Despite the arbitrary handling of the pandemic in Nicaragua, it has served as a “justification” for the continuing human rights violations

Nicaragua faces “worst historical context” to exercise journalism

Regime increased its harassment of the independent press, intervened La Prensa, forced journalists into exile and Radio Corporación to self-censorship

The Ortega dictatorship’s alliance with the COVID-19 pandemic

For Ortega, a responsible reaction to the struggle against COVID-19 would have involved reestablishing civil liberties, to attend to the emergency

Fifty countries urge Ortega to release his political prisoners

USA, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland; Ortega asks for “respect” and remains silent on human rights abuses.

Sergio Ramirez: “This barbarity puts Nicaragua in the global spotlight”

“They’re not penalizing a political leader, but a writer who says what he thinks. I'm a subversive writer", said Sergio Ramirez

Two Lives: My Farewell to Emilio

My twin brother died on September 8. I’m sharing our story for whoever’s interested, and so his son will know he was a great man

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