Russia Backs Ortega, Welcomes Two of His Sons

Vladimir Putin’s Government defies the international community that demands the Ortega regime stop its’ blatant human rights abuses

More Nicaraguans seek asylum in Costa Rica during the regime’s wave of repression

Between January and last May, the monthly average of refuge requests from Nicaraguans was 1300; in June alone that figure rose to 4378

Nicaraguans Exiled in Costa Rica Protest “Electoral Circus”

Hundreds of Nicaraguans demonstrated in Costa Rica, under the slogan, “Nicaragua is not alone.” They demanded freedom for the political prisoners

Archetypes: Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth & Nicaragua’s Rosario Murillo

lady Macbeth and rosario murillo

Like King Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, the presidential couple work together to betray a nation

Doctors Face Silence or Exile after Rosario Murillo’s Threats

New Colonizers, doctors exile, rosario murillo

Rosario Murillo threatened doctors who warn about a new Covid-19 surge. Fear triggers self-censorship and exile among the profession.

Cuba, an Outcry

The Cuban government shouldn’t be responding to this desperate complaint with its usual slogans, repeated year in and year out.

Ortega Moves Closer to Putin to Maintain Power

Foreign Minister Moncada will meet on July 19 with his Russian counterpart, his priority is respect for the "sovereignty" of the peoples

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