“We don’t know if they will make it out alive” say relatives of political prisoners

Uncertainty and anxiety increase after the death of political prisoner Hugo Torres, while in custody of the Ortega regime.

Electoral reimbursement: A million dollar business for the Sandinista Front

An analysis by Confidencial reveals that the FSLN has awarded itself US $60.3 million dollars between 2006 and 2021 for its participation in elections

UNAMOS demands independent investigation on the “crime” against political prisoner Hugo Torres

Luis Carrion demands the entry of IACHR, OHCHR and ICRC. Hugo Torres died on Friday night, 15 hours before the official announcement.

Hugo Torres, hero of the anti-Somoza struggle, dies imprisoned by Ortega and Murillo

The former guerrilla participated in two military operations to free political prisoners, including the current dictator, Daniel Ortega, in 1974.

Orteguismo continues attack and calls for cancellation of six more NGOs

The latest victims include the Movimiento de Mujeres María Elena Cuadra, PEN Internacional/Nicaragua and ANDPH.

Nicaraguan political prisoner Hugo Torres dies

In 1974, the former guerrilla risked his life in an operation to free other political prisoners, among them Ortega, who ordered his imprisonment

Ortega’s plan to use confiscated universities as “support for his political model”

Confiscating universities is not to “deprivatize” higher education, but to annul critical thinking and subdue the student movement

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