Ortega Regime Promises Vaccines, with No Details

Cinthya Torrez

Nicaraguan advisor on health issues, declares that the government is preparing to immunize the population this year.

Nicaraguan Stories: Dreams, Struggles and Tragedies

Enrique Sáenz

In Nicaragua, sectarian interests, power ambitions and the caudillo (strong man) spirit, inevitably lead to tragedies.

He Held a Flag and is Charged with Fabricated Crimes

Defense lawyer Julio Montenegro assures that the accusation against Sergio Beteta “does not make sense.”

Ten Hours that Shook America

Nina L. Khrushcheva

The storming of the US Capitol by Trump's supporters in a last effort to overturn the result of the 2020 election was as predictable as it was shocking

Anibal Toruño’s Home Ransacked by Nicaraguan Police

Cindy Regidor

Police illegally raided the house of “Radio Dario” director Anibal Toruño in Leon. Agents warned that they seek to incriminate him for drug trafficking

Political prisoner demands his release by marking his skin with the word “freedom”

Cinthya Torrez

“Mr. Ortega, I do not fear you. Everything that you are doing to our country will soon be over,” said Ernesto Ramirez in a video

Daniel Ortega’s Jailers Continue Abusive Treatment of Political Prisoners

Cinthya Torrez

The political prisoners are denied medical attention; they’re confined in maximum security cells; and their visits are arbitrarily canceled.

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