Ortega Demolishes Elections, Nicaraguans Held Hostage

Carlos F. Chamorro

The dilemma is to seek a democratic solution and shorten the path of the country's suffering or wait for the system to collapse under its own weight

More than 400 academics and political scientists from around the world demand that repression cease and release political prisoners

They demand a commitment to organize free and fair elections, otherwise they ask governments and organizations to "increase diplomatic pressure"

Ortega’s Indoctrination in Nicaragua’s Schools & Towns

Yader Luna

Photos are passed around of El Sauce students carrying another teenager dressed as Sandino. “They are promoting fanaticism” said a prestigious educator

Vilma Nuñez: Law 1005 Used to “Criminalize” Those Opposing the Regime

vilma nuñez
Ana Lucía Cruz

Ortega has dealt the electoral process a death blow,” states the veteran human rights attorney. “The hour has come to fight to dismantle this new fraud

Ortega Police Arrest Opposition Lawyer Jose Pallais

The regime’s police issued a press release and photographs of Pallais with Leon’s police chief, Fidel Dominguez.

The Big Lie

Gioconda Belli

The April Rebellion was a spontaneous and massive popular repudiation of the violence from Ortega and Murillo that snuffed out 328 lives.

Ortega Jails a 4th Candidate and Two Opposition Leaders

There are now four presidential candidates in jail. “Don’t let a criminal dictatorship take away our rights anymore,” stated Juan Sebastian Chamorro

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