Political division gives Ortega an additional advantage. Are there any other options?

Juan Carlos Bow

Elections are shaping up to be a four-way race: FSLN, with control of the Supreme Electoral Council; "collaborationist parties"; and divided opposition

Why did the opposition’s electoral alliance fail? Can there still be unity?

Moisés Martínez

“An electoral alliance was not achieved, but elections should not be surrendered,” suggests a political scientist

Ortega’s Second Attack on Confidencial & Press Freedom

Carlos F. Chamorro

They closed us down for a second time, but didn’t silence us. They stole everything, but won't ever be able to confiscate journalism

The Dictatorship has a “Master Plan” against the Independent Press to Impose Censorship in the Electoral Process

Cinthya Torrez

The regime is “hurt” by Confidencial’s resilience after the raid and occupation of its studio and newsroom in 2018. Meanwhile, it strikes at the media

Carter Center Advisor Slams Nicaraguan Elections

Nicaraguan Elections
Iván Olivares

Experts warn that a fraudulent electoral process could generate a new wave of massive protests and emigration.

Interpreting the Ortega Dictatorship’s Onslaught

Enrique Sáenz

Daniel Ortega does nothing more than follow the same formula that his counterpart s of the most diverse ideologies have applied

Murder on the Border: Risks Nicaraguan Migrants Face

Cindy Regidor

Norma left Nicaragua to work and build her house. She was killed along one of the unmarked crossing points

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