Daniel Ortega rejects “electoral farce” criticism

“Voting does not kill anyone. It doesn’t injure anyone. Voting does not call for terrorism,” says Ortega, justifying the 2018 massacre.

Nicaraguans in Costa Rica marched in repudiation of the electoral “fraud”

Hundreds demonstrated in the streets of San Jose to denounce the voting that took place in Nicaragua on Sunday and to demand free elections

Urnas Abiertas estimates 81.5% abstention rate in voting

Second report of the Citizen Observatory reports anomalies and political violence in at least 119 municipalities in the country

Nicaragua’s youth: “We have no political options”

Four young Nicaraguans tell Confidencial they don’t identify with any political party, and reject the age-old practice of pacts and strongman figures.

Ortega denies foreign press entry to the country to cover elections

Immigration prohibits the entry of a dozen reporters and photojournalists from international media even though they have met all the requirements.

Nicaragua: London protest rejects Ortega’s electoral fraud

The event held in London is part of the “world march” a series of similar protest actions taking place around the world this weekend

Gioconda Belli: The elections are merely “Ortega ratifying his power”

The Nicaraguan writer says she has “absolutely no hope” that the ballots “will alter the situation in Nicaragua” since “they’re fraudulent votes.”

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