Who are the corrupt, the traitors and the coup plotters?

Justice will come, hand in hand with the truth once the dictatorship has ended. The road to change begins with the release of the political prisoners.

Expulsion of apostolic nuncio “seriously undermines relations” with the Holy See

Within one month, the Ortega regime withdrew its ambassador to Spain, cancelled the credentials of the Colombian ambassador and expelled the nuncio

Ortega’s court convicts Cristiana Chamorro, Pedro Joaquín Chamorro and former FVBCH workers

The Prosecutor’s Office requested eight years in prison for Cristiana Chamorro, 13 for Fletes and Gomez, seven for Vásquez and nine for Pedro Joaquín

Putin is disconnected from reality

Doubts are growing about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mental state. How far will he go? Is he really that irrational?

Feminist outcry for Nicaragua’s female political prisoners

Relatives of the political prisoners addressed the panel, denouncing the mistreatment and the different types of torture suffered by the prisoners

Gabriel Boric, the emerging leader of the “new left” in Latin America

The moderation of his discourse and the reformulation of his link with the former Concertación have marked the latest stage of the new Chilean presiden

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine: Justifying the unjustifiable

Basically, Putin is trying to revive the pan-Russian idea of the Great Fatherland that dates back to the beginning of the 18th century

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