Nicaragua’s journalists fear repression

Reporters are inundated with threats, however essential information flows in cyber media and social networks

FSLN launches electoral campaign in “constant abuse of state resources”

“Observatorio de Urnas Abiertas” denounces 4,300 “recreational activities” convoked in the midst of a serious outbreak of Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez: “Nicaragua is once again losing its lifeblood to exile”

The religious leader urged an end to the spiral of violence against families, so they don’t continue disintegrating

Nicaragua and its bogus elections

Ortega, Murillo and their inner circle continue to hold parades and broadcast so-called opinion polls

Fifteen US senators request sanctions against Daniel Ortega

The initiative is led by Senator Bob Menendez, who was joined by other Republican and Democratic colleagues.

Nicaraguan farmers demand OAS reject the elections

“We ask them not to recognize the results of this electoral farce,” was the message of a demonstration held at the OAS headquarters in Costa Rica.

Family members of Ortega’s political prisoners battle despair

Sick, blocked from leaving the country, and filled with anguish, the political prisoners’ loved once confront a harsh reality in silence

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