Cristiana Chamorro Rejects “Money Laundering” Accusation

Cinthya Torrez

Opposition presidential hopeful assures that her candidacy stands. “I remain firm at this time with my proposal to serve Nicaragua,” she said.

Riot Police illegally raid Esta Semana and CONFIDENCIAL’s studio looking for “coup plotters”

Juan Carlos Bow

Without a warrant, police seized computers, cameras and television editing equipment, and took dozens of boxes with documents

Ortega Chooses His Opposition

Fernando Malespín

If there was any doubt as to why the Citizens Alliance did not sign an alliance with the National Coalition, it is now clearer than ever.

Nicaragua Faces the Worst Possible Election Scenario

Daniel Ortega ausente, Worst Possible Election
Carlos F. Chamorro

The crossroads of CxL facing the exclusion of the Coalition, and the path of civic resistance to demand the suspension of the police state

Carlos F. Chamorro: “The Truth is Under Assault”

Dozens of riot police raided the Esta Semana and Esta Noche recording studio. They also stormed the former offices of the Violeta Barrios Foundation

Ortega Begins Disqualifying Opposition Parties

Juan Carlos Bow

Lawyers and civic organizations warn that the Ortega regime is preparing “an electoral farce” by picking and choosing participants.

Pre-candidates on social networks: Who has more followers and who interacts more?

Through social networks, pre-candidates broadcast their content, in a strange political campaign, gripped by repression and the pandemic

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