The lethal blow to the companies owned by the “family”, sanctioned by the US

Albanisa, BanCorp, DNP-Petronic, Caruna, Inversiones Zanzíbar, Difuso, El Goliat, Syditek.

European Deputies Urge More Sanctions on Ortega Regime

Ortega Orders Night Raids, Arrests Student & Farm Leaders

The students Lesther Aleman and Max Jerez, and the rural leaders Medardo Mairena, Pedro Mena, Freddy Navas and Pablo Morales join “electoral hostages”

Nicaragua: The Fear Is Mutual

This regime has us under so much repression because it’s possessed by fear of its own people

More Nicaraguans Choose Exile: The Political Violence Makes More People Flee the Country

Susana Lopez of the “April mothers”, released prisoner Lenin Salablanca, and Karen Lacayo explain why they went into exile.

Gaddafi’s Nephew: Ortega Treats “Traitors” with “Mercy”

Muhammad Lasthar, with the rank of minister, justifies the new wave of repression, which has left 21 jailed in June.

Nicaragua: Past Dreams, Today’s Nightmare

I never imagined then that I would sign an open letter condemning the authoritarian turn taken by the government of President Daniel Ortega

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