Nicaragua: Is there hope amid degradation and decay?

When the personality cult and populism proved insufficient, the regime turned to violence and arbitrary actions to spread fear

Nicaragua opposition groups draw roadmap in exile

They maintain that the joint declaration of “repudiation and rejection” of the elections is a “message of hope” for Nicaragua

US congresspeople ask the IMF not to grant loans to the Ortega regime

Sires alleges that disbursements made to the regime are not intended to combat the pandemic but to provide liquidity to Ortega

Sanctioning the Army Investment Fund “is an option” for the US

Cynthia Arnson and Jennie Lincoln discuss dctions the United States could take following Ortega's re-election

Nicaragua’s journalists fear repression

Reporters are inundated with threats, however essential information flows in cyber media and social networks

FSLN launches electoral campaign in “constant abuse of state resources”

“Observatorio de Urnas Abiertas” denounces 4,300 “recreational activities” convoked in the midst of a serious outbreak of Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez: “Nicaragua is once again losing its lifeblood to exile”

The religious leader urged an end to the spiral of violence against families, so they don’t continue disintegrating

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