Political prisoners: More than five months of isolation, interrogations and torture

Third visit in over five months confirms that they keep Dora María Téllez, Tamara Dávila, Ana Margarita Vigil and Suyen Barahona in solitary punishment

My first birthday in exile

At Immigration they not only stripped me of my passport, but also of my identification. Now, my only ID is a refugee application.

Ortega to use all branches of government to protest against the OAS

The Assembly will approve a resolution of condemnation against the OAS, which will be replicated by the Judicial, Electoral and Executive Powers

Using sovereignty as an appeal for immunity

Didn’t that same OAS, that they’re now calling a “cesspool”, once emit a statement against the Somoza government that was negotiated by the FSLN?

US bans Ortega, Murillo, and Government Officials from entry

The restrictions also include spouses and children of the entire Nicaraguan government apparatus

Luis Guillermo Solis: “The left also distances from Ortega”

Chile's leftist presidential candidate disapproves of the communist party’s congratulation of Ortega’s “triumph”

Police confiscates Women’s Association properties in Jalapa

Last August, Nicaragua’s National Assembly, controlled by the Ortega regime, arbitrarily stripped the organization of their legal status

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