In Nicaragua Peaceful Opposition Punished as Treason

Rafael Rojas

Classifying peaceful dissenters as coup plotters, terrorists and national traitors implies a limitation of political rights.

More than 40 political prisoners maintain “actions of rebellion” in La Modelo

Ana Lucía Cruz

Family members explain that their relatives are pressuring for their freedom, but have begun to receive threats from prison officials

Alberto Brunori: Major Concern in the UN over the Nicaragua Crisis

Elmer Rivas

With the human rights violations, the government “is going down an alley that Nicaraguans don’t deserve,” UN official Alberto Brunori states.

The Ortega Dictatorship Crosses the Red Line

daniel ortega, stop ortega
Enrique Sáenz

Something broke in this latest onslaught, altering the path of events. Ortega has evidently opted for a de facto suspension of the elections.

Ortega’s Police Arrest President of Nicaragua’s Largest Bank

They point to the banker with the same “Sovereignty Law” cited to justify the arrests of presidential candidates and other opponents

The Throwback of Daniel Ortega

La Jornada

The reason for the persecution is the desire of Ortega and Murillo, to go to elections without opposition in order to perpetuate themselves in power

OAS Condemns Arrests of Opposition in Nicaragua

Juan Carlos Bow

The Permanent Council approves a resolution with a large majority; only five member states abstained and three voted against.

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