Ortega’s Raid on the Home of Humberto Belli

Cinthya Torrez

The night before, the police raided Belli’s home and were seeking to capture him. Expecting an attempt to arrest him, Belli had left into exile

The Volcanic Women – Activism from Exile

A women’s collective uses its online platform to tell the stories of Nicaraguan migrants, exiles and those displaced

Ortega’s Police Recapture Journalist Miguel Mora

miguel mora
Cinthya Torrez

They are investigating him, like the majority of the recent 18 detainees, for betraying the regime under a new law to criminalize opponents.

Vivanco: They are Paving the Way to Steal the Elections

Ivette Munguía

HRW Americas Director: the international community knows that in Nicaragua “there is an unabashed exercise of power” by Ortega and Murillo

My Daughter and Granddaughter Jailed in Nicaragua

Pinita Gurdián

Like the rest of those arrested, they’ve raised their voices to denounce injustice and reclaim their rights. All in peaceful resistance

Nicaragua: War against the People

Róger Lindo

Ortega and Murillo will never leave power with good grace. The president still has a social base and is willing to see more bloodshed

Why can’t Nicaragua get the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines?

Cinthya Torrez

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine needs to be kept below -70 degrees Celsius, and Nicaragua's cold chain ranges from -4 to -8 degrees Celsius

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