A Police Chief Dies, Covid-19 the Suspected Killer

Police Chief Died

Family members maintain that he died of heart problems, but he was buried without the normal honors from a police force that backs the official version

Deaths from Covid-19 in Nicaragua Doubled in a Week, says MINSA Report

Covid-19 in Nicaragua Doubled
Yader Luna

Epidemiologist warns about figures increase of 1,016% in positive cases in a week: no country in the world has had “such an increase” in the curve

Chinandega Doctors Facing Covid 19: “We’re Cannon Fodder”

chinandega doctors
Juan Carlos Bow

It’s like your worst nightmare, trying to fight the pandemic under such difficult conditions, where human life is worth nothing beside saving the party

Ortega’s Message: “Remove the Sanctions or I’ll Sink Nicaragua”

Vilma Castillo

When all the Central American countries have controlled the numbers of infections and open their borders, Nicaragua will be isolated

How Masaya, Nicaragua Became a Covid-19 Hot Spot

Yader Luna

On the social media site, Masaya journalist explains how not canceling sporting events has led directly to an increase in Coronavirus cases

Nicaraguan Legislator Dies of Covid-19

Legislator Dies of Covid-19

The legislator was buried expeditiously amid the coronavirus pandemic and without tributes in the National Assembly

Nicaraguan Teachers Want Access to Covid-19 Tests

nicaraguan teachers

“We feel insecure because classes haven’t been suspended and at any moment one or several teachers are going to show up at their workplace infected"

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