Ortega’s prosecutors accuse two ex-diplomats of “conspiracy”

With Diaz and Aguirre, 35 opposition leaders under arrest who have been accused by the Interior Ministry in the last 11 days.

Closure of NGOs leaves thousands of women “defenseless”

Beneficiaries of NGO projects say the regime wants to impoverish the population more with the forced closure of 45 NGOs so far this year 

“Brain drain” hurts families, businesses and the country

Professionals and entrepreneurs leave a "dead end" Nicaragua in search of better opportunities and conditions to develop and progress

It is called psychological torture

Psychological abuse is as serious as physical torture, according to international human rights conventions and treaties

Why did Ortega show his political prisoners?

The criminal legacy of the Ortega regime will include the forced disappearance of people, either because of the time they detained and hid these people

Ortega can now close banks at the stroke of a pen

Besides giving him the power to confiscate assets, he can also leave banks leaderless administratively

Two journalists and former first lady accused of “conspiracy”

Miguel Mora, Miguel Mendoza and María Fernanda Flores have been added to the list of Nicaraguan political prisoners charged by the Prosecutor's Office

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