Nicaragua in April 2022: A Very Long Dark Tunnel

Nicaragua’s Slumping Tourism is Bad for Mother Nature

When tourists stopped coming after the 2018, local Nicaraguans lost their incentive to protect the environment and turned to logging and poaching

30 facts that show how Ortega and Murillo impose censorship in Nicaragua

Since April 2018, persecution against journalists and civil society. This is how the independent press and the citizenry resist

Lessons from the 100 days when the dictatorship was against the ropes

Tefel, Mairena, and Medina: “the most visible leaders are imprisoned, but the grassroots leadership is intact and continues organizing.”

Ortega strips another 25 NGO’s of legal status

Between November 2018 and April 2022 the dictatorship has closed down 168 civic organizations in its purge of civil society

Nicaraguan organizations prioritize freedom of political prisoners

On the fourth anniversary of the April Rebellion, they said they will continue to fight for justice for the victims and freedom for Nicaragua.

Putin, Ortega, and the extent of evil

In Ukraine and Nicaragua someone has lowered his thumb to kill and destroy, in order to cause the greatest possible pain

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