Ortega Dashes Nicaraguans’ Hopes of a Vaccine Soon

Ivette Munguía

The Nicaraguan leader made his first public appearance in forty days. He expressed generalities about COVID-19 and the US sanctions

Ortega’s Final Act of Confiscation against Confidencial

Ivette Munguía

The announcement occurs days after they dismantled the offices and painted everything bright pink, the color used by Murillo’s FSLN propaganda

Nicaraguan MD Jose Luis Borge attacked by Pro-Ortega Bikers

Cinthya Torrez

The member of the Nicaraguan Medical Unit has endured 14 months of police siege at his home and this is his third time attacked

Two Franciscans Denied Entry to Nicaragua “for Denouncing Injustices”

Cinthya Torrez

Nicaraguan Immigration told priest Fabian Mejia that he “had gotten involved in politics” but the priests “were close to the people,” said Father Lemus

We Can’t Be Silent in the Name of Unity

Amaya Coppens, unity
Amaya Coppens

Come closer to the people and try to show a little more empathy, and less hunger for power. The statistics aren’t statistics, they’re people.

Nicaraguan Police Prohibit Farmers’ Meeting

Association spokespersons say their members are “of all political stripes”, and that their Assembly wasn’t about political matters.

Amnesty International: “Ortega Wants to Suffocate Dissent”

Yader Luna

Arbitrary detentions, laws to silence critics and “civil death” are three tactics employed to silence the population, report says

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