Mexican Philosopher Reveals Death of Two Nephews by Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Professor Jose Fernandez Santillan said his two relatives died a day apart in Masaya.

Mexican professor and philosopher, Jose Fernandez Santillan, announced on his Twitter account that two of his nephews died this week from covid-19, in Masaya, Nicaragua.

“With deep pain I share with you the death in Masaya, Nicaragua, of my nephews Marvin Delgadillo Cuarezma (Wednesday) and Augusto Delgadillo Toruño (Thursday), victims of Covid-19. May they rest in peace, ”wrote the professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City campus.

The philosopher’s publication casts doubt on the narrative of the Ortega regime that in Nicaragua there have been only eight deaths by covid-19, among 25 positive cases. These figures would place Nicaragua as the country in the Americas with the highest fatality rate, at 32%.

Professor Jose Fernandez Santillan. // Photo: Taken from wradio.com.mx

More than 500 cases in one week

In its latest report, the independent Citizen Observatory raised to 233 deaths and 1,270 suspected cases of covid-19 in Nicaragua.

Masaya with 102 cases is the third Nicaraguan department with the most suspected cases of the new SARS-coV-2 coronavirus, after the capital Managua (628 cases) and Chinandega (106 cases), respectively, according to the report.

Masaya’s medical sources told Confidencial that the situation has worsened in recent days in the department, and that on a couple of occasions at least ten deaths have been reported in one day.

According to the Observatory, they registered 505 new suspected cases in the last week, for an increase of 62%. The figure went from 765 to 1,270.

The department of Masaya has two hospitals: Dr. Humberto Alvarado and Sermesa, to care for a population that exceeds 317,000 inhabitants, according to 2009 data.

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