A second wave of Covid-19 could kill about 500 people in Nicaragua

Weekly News Report: the impact of a second outbreak of Covid-19, threats against a journalist from Bluefields, the crisis within the National Coalition

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A second Covid-19 outbreak could kill about 500 people

Independent health experts and epidemiologists warn that Nicaragua will have a rebound of Covid-19 infections in late August or early September, aggravated by the lack of preventive measures on part of the government.

Despite the fact that figures reported by the Ministry of Health suggest that cases are decreasing, experts point out that there is an under-registration of cases extending to rural and indigenous areas, and regular burials continue to take place in Madriz, Matagalpa, and the South Caribbean.

Funides, the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development, considers that failing to implement the closure of nightclubs, bars, and other social activities, could lead to 15,000 COVID infections and more than 500 deaths being registered before October 3rd.

Funides also warns that a second wave of infections is imminent, and calls for the government to suspend in-person classes at public schools, as well as to discontinue encouraging the arrival of tourists, given that the pandemic is not under control.

Observatory Report

The Citizen Observatory reported a total of 9,646 suspected cases of Covid-19 in Nicaragua since the first patient was registered on March 12th. As of August 12th, this includes 178 additional cases compared to the previous week and 59 deaths, totaling 2,626 deaths.

This week, three more deaths of health personnel were registered, reaching a total of 104 deaths.

Crisis in the National Coalition

Felix Maradiaga, a member of the political council of the Unidad Azul y Blanco, acknowledged that there is a crisis within the National Coalition. The crisis is a consequence of the predominance of political parties, specifically the Liberal Constitucionalista Party. Maradiaga warned that if the crisis is not overcome, the possibility of rethinking the Coalition from the start could be proposed.

Ambassador Michael Kozak, the U.S Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, gave his political support to UNAB, the Civic Alliance, and the peasant movement within the crisis of the Coalition.

Death of police brigade chief

Commissioner Daniel Alfaro, brigade chief of the Directorate of Special Operations, died of stomach cancer and was buried without any recognition from the Nicaraguan National Police.

The chief of the riot squad directed the siege against 100% Noticias, and the attack against Confidencial’s journalists at the National Police headquarters in Plaza El Sol, where they showed up to demand an explanation for the assault on their offices in December of 2018.

Threats against a journalist from Bluefields

Three employees from the Mayor’s office of El Rama filed a complaint against Kalúa Salazar, a journalist from Radio La Costeñísima (Bluefields), for the publication of a news article in which the source mentioned that they misappropriated more than 300 thousand cordobas.

Salazar was not officially notified of the accusation, but it was widely publicized by the pro-government media and fans of the regime, who have maintained a campaign of aggression against the radio since 2018. Its director, Sergio Leon, died on June 14th from Covid-19, after being accused of alleged slander for denouncing the spread of the virus in the South Caribbean.

Former political prisoners of the Ortega regime arrested

The national police unleashed a wave of arrests against ex-political prisoners, who were preparing a forum to demand the liberation of political prisoners.

The former political prisoners, Kennis Vargas, Bryan Kessler Aleman, and William Balmaceda were again captured by the National Police in different parts of Managua.

The CPDH reports that Balmaceda was released in the afternoon after having been beaten, while Aleman’s family members reported that the police detained him by pointing an AK at him while he exercised in a gym.

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This article has been translated by Ana Maria Sampson, a Communication Science Student at the University of Amsterdam and member of our staff*


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