Patricia Martínez G

Nicaragua: A Chess Lover’s Fight against Ortega

His dream of being a doctor never came to fruition, but the little he learned of first aid helped him attend during the occupation of the UNAN

Ortega Government Editor Speaks Out in Exile


Rosario Murillo, the vice president and the only government spokesperson, ordered him not to tell the truth about the repression that left 325 dead.

“La orden era no informar”

Rosario Murillo ordenó no informar la verdad acerca sobre la represión que ha dejado 325 muertos, asegura exeditor Meikel Espinoza, ahora exiliado

Milly Majuc: Music as a Weapon in Nicaragua’s Non-Violent Struggle

Music as a Weapon

The Nicaraguan band has supported the peaceful protests since they began in April.

Monseñor Romero fue “un santo contra la represión”

Fue un “revolucionario del amor”, afirma un religioso que lo conoció.

Nicaraguan Athletes: from Medalists to “Terrorists”

Renowned Nicaraguan athletes have been victims of physical aggression because of their participation in peaceful marches against Daniel Ortega.

Double Play: Sports and Politics in Today’s Embattled Nicaragua

Edgard Tijerino

The highly popular program of sportswriter, Edgar Tijerino, leaves radio La Primerisima after 19 years of broadcasting but has new homes.

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