Franklin Villavicencio

Asalto y toma de Confidencial viola 14 artículos de la Constitución


Principios de inviolabilidad del domicilio y derecho a la propiedad privada también fueron infringidos por la dictadura de Daniel Ortega.

Nicaragua: After the Bullets, No Peace for the Students

Their lives changed in April. Some barricaded themselves in their universities, were expelled by bullets and now fight against their own “demons.”

Imprisoned for Being Humane: Nicaragua’s Niquinohomo Sisters

Niquinohomo Sisters

Olesia and Tania Munoz gave humanitarian support to the protests; for this solidarity, the government is keeping them in jail.

Repression of Women Once again a Weapon of War

Five participants in the forum “Women in resistance, in the face of repression” analyze the violence exercised by the state under the Ortega regime.

Photo Expo of the Civic Rebellion at Nicaragua’s Central American University

At seven months of civic rebellion, it portrays the violent repression of Daniel Ortega’s Government.

Basketball Player Accused of Toppling a Metal Tree

This athlete shed tears every day during the heat of the protests, when reading the news about those the regime had killed.

“Demandamos una Navidad sin presos políticos”


Owaldo León: “Ese es uno de los requisitos para hablar de cualquier otro cambio en Nicaragua”

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