Franklin Villavicencio

El día en que Nayib no tuiteó: habló

El presidente electo de El Salvador no solo se ha rehusado a dar una pista sobre su futuro equipo de Gobierno, sino que se ha negado a dar entrevistas

After 187 Days in Prison, Athlete Still Wears his Scrubs


This athlete is one of the political prisoners whose confinement status was changed by the dictatorship from prison to house arrest.

Civic Protest in Nicaragua has Become Express


From putting stickers to sit-ins that last a few minutes. To protest has become a “crime,” but university students have not stopped doing it.

“Zero Hour” to Talk of Justice for Nicaragua


A group of young people have launched a campaign to promote reflection on the lack of justice in Nicaragua’s recent history.

Jandir Rodriguez, Troubadour of Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion

The author of “Heroes of April,” one of the hymns of civic protest, always dreamed of writing songs of “struggle.”

Monseñor Silvio Báez: “Los presos políticos no se negocian”

Iglesia Nicaragua, silvio baez

El obispo auxiliar afirma: “El secretismo ha hecho mucho daño al pueblo de Nicaragua” e invitó a las partes a ser abiertas “con el pueblo”.

Our Precondition is Nicaragua First and Nothing “Under the Table”

The demands of university students for the dialogue: freedom for the political prisoners and the return of their fellow exiles.

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